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While visiting France, why not purchase goods at where you can save money by claiming a refund of the sales tax (VAT).

In order to claim for a tax refund, you must:

- have a permanent address outside of the European Union and the DOM

- and be visiting France for a period less than 6 months.


You will have to justify of these qualities at the time of the purchase:

- either with your passport (the pages showing your passport number and your address abroad)

- or your consulate card


How to proceed?

Order your products on on the same day for a minimum purchase amount of 175 € TTC (excluding delivery) and ask for tax refund.

Along with your order, we will forward you the tax refund form signed by Artgato as well as a stamped envelope.

On leaving the European Union, you will have to present the goods as well as the tax refund form together with the invoices corresponding to your purchases to customs for approval.


Please note: you must present the goods to customs within 3 months following the month of purchase (i.e.: you make your purchase on February, the customs formalities must be done before the enf of May).

The French customs checks, stamps and gives you back the pink and green copies of the tax refund form.

Return to Artgato the pink copy (N° 2) of your tax refund form stamped by customs using the pre-paid envelope provided.

Keep the green copy (N°3)

Upon receipt of the pink copy and within 6 weeks, you will be refunded according to your instructions of the amount written on case D/2 of the tax refund form.


Please note: the goods must be presented in the case of a customs inspection when the forms are stamped. If they cannot be presented, Customs will cancel your form and may impose a fine. 

The tax refund scheme is not mandatory. retains the right to refuse a request for a tax refund if the conditions required in the officials customs bulletin are not fulfilled.


For more information please visit the French government website.










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